Digital Content

Gather Media Content Software Program and Online Content Together

Motion Theatre

4D Cinema

Ball Sccreen Cinema

Bowl Sccreen Cinema

and so on

Immersive Experiences

Immersive Space

3D Games

4D Dark Ride

and so on

Digital Art Performances

Digital Stage Art

Landscape Projection Show

Drone Light Show

and so on

Interactive Walls

Magic Interactive Walls

Transparent Touch Screen

Flying Screen Interaction

and so on

AR/VR Series

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

Online Digital Exhibition Hall

and so on

Digital Art


Sliding Screen Augmented Reality Display

Manipulator Projection Show

2D Animation

Animation constructed by graphic design hand-drawing and graphics

3D Animation

Animation to simulate scenes and objects in three-dimensional space

Video Shooting

producing videos with the usage of aerial photography green scenery and actors etc

Special Effects Editing

Generous video materials are selected chosen decomposed and grouped to form coherent content

Software Interaction

2D Interaction

Use PS, AI, FLASH and other software to produce a series of UI interfaces including graphics, text, special effects and other diverse elements, which are assembled into 2D interactive software

3D Interaction

Use computer languages such as C++、C# and so on to integrating resources of 3D Scene and Character Modeling, etc. in the engine of Unity3D and UE4, etc., to realize 3D interaction.

Online Content

Use technologies of JAVA、Net、Php and so on to complete the building of mobile app, mini programs and cloud content.