Our Panda Exhibition is the first overseas exhibition ,which is sure to attract a large number of visitors from all over the world to watch and experience in the Expo Pavilion. Our Panda Exhibition adheres to the cost-effective advantages and advanced high-tech multimedia display technology to enhance the interactive participation with the audience, which will greatly attract the audiences to participate , which will greatly enhance the influence of your National Pavilion in 2020 Dubai World Expo. Brand awareness will make the Expo National Pavilion one of the most popular pavilions.

Moreover, we will also provide customized services to adjust the exhibition according to the customers‘ demands in order to make the exhibition more interesting and exciting. Very attractive value-added services, such as sweepstakes are also offered . Visitors who participate in the exhibition will have the opportunity to watch the real giant pandas in China and interact with the giant pandas.

Exhibition Features

Official authority

Formally authorized by China Council for Promotion of international trade (CCPIT), it has been officially signed as an important exhibition item of China pavilion in Dubai World Expo.

Tripartite cooperation

China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Panda, State Convervation Center for Gene Resources of Endangered Wildlife of Zhejiang University and BroadMesse International cooperated with each other to give full play to their respective strengths and work together to host the exhibition a giant panda exhibition.

Interactive multimedia

It provides a wonderful interactive experience with cutting-edge technologies and integrates the rare characteristics of pandas to create a novel, interesting and unforgettable journey.

Comprehensive knowledge

The first comprehensive display of authorized official graphic information is a rare opportunity and platform for visitors to know all kinds of knowledge about pandas.

Exhibition Content